Five of the greatest shiny things that Leo Davie from The Coolector has discovered this week in his quest to make your life a million times manlier and gadget-packed.

01  Nomad CNC Mill

Hankering for your school woodwork lessons when you somehow defied death by being let loose on various woodworking machines? Well, you can relive those glory days with this swish-looking CAD machine that plugs directly into your computer and lets you build little wooden cars and that.

Show Support: Kickstarter

02  Skyrunner

If you’re to believe the doom mongering tabloids, a Mad Max-esque apocalypse is definitely impending so it’s probably wise to empty your savings account and splurge it on one of these Skyrunner machines. It can traverse baron wastelands, charge through ghostly streets and get to the pub. Maybe book a taxi back though.

Available: Skyrunner

03  La Marzocca Mistral Espresso Machine

Espresso is the Devil's nectar and will send the sanest mind dulally so if you're going to drink it, it might as well be from a machine as bonkers looking as the La Marzocca Mistral Espresso Machine which looks like it's straight out of Doc Emmett Brown's laboratory.

Available: Seattle Coffee Gear

04  Bible of Barbecue

Barbecues can be a tricky business and are sent to test one's manliness but imagine the looks of shock and awe when you bust this bad boy out. It’s basically a coffee table book that doubles up as everything you need  for a BBQ and also fits on your bookshelf. Which makes absolutely no sense until you watch the video so, just watch it, yeah?

05  Sada Bike

Billed as the world's most collapsible bike which doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence for a morning commute but who cares, you’ll look like a cyclist from the future. And it can pretty much fit in your pocket once it’s full collapsed. Disclaimer, it probably won’t fit in your pocket.  

Available: Sada Bike