This month, when you spend your 399 pence on the latest copy of FHM, you will notice something a little different. As you eagerly rip away its film coat, you will notice that your purchase is a little heavier than usual.

Could it be…another mag? Indeed, it is true! This month, you get two mags for the price of one with FHM and FHM Collections, our style guide for the coming seasons.

FHM and FHM collections

Fashion isn't about looking like a catwalk model, it's about looking and feeling great. Our FHM readers are nice guys, and nice guys deserve nice clothes. So, to help us out, we recruited some bloody lovely guys.

Take Stephen Graham, this issue's cover star. Although he's best known for playing the hardest, meanest bastards of the silver screen, it would be tough to find a more charming, likeable man.
Stephen Graham

The same goes for Clint Dempsey - the Texas all-star who's won over the Premiership with his footballing prowess and the fans will his all-round good-guy demeanour. In fact, the Royal Marines are pretty great guys too, as we discovered when we dressed them up in this year's best British fashion.


Clint Dempsey

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