When you usually think Superdry, you think nice-looking kit that's reliable, tactical weather-beating gear, which’ll keep you warm and dry whether you’re on the football terrace or bombing it down the slopes on a ski holiday.
None of which is a bad thing, obviously, but what you don’t picture is the warm, whisky-drinking comfort of a log chalet, tailored suits and badass biker jackets.
Or at least we didn’t until Superdry announced its brand new Premium Lounge, housed in the flagship Regent Street store in London.

It’s a mahogany-smelling place of leather-bound, Ron Burgundy opulence scattered with a mixture of the classic Superdry gear you’ve come to expect, and a smattering of the new grown-up Premium range. And it’s fricking awesome.

Forget everything you’ve previously associated with the brand. The launch of the Premium Lounge marks a new moment in its heritage. Sure, it’s still reliable and classic, but it’s also luxurious without making you look like a dad at a disco.

Check it out for yourself when it opens up on 13 February at Superdry, 113 Regent Street, London, or visit superdry.com.