There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the fact that summer is just around the corner. Barbecues. Al fresco drinking sessions. Pretty girls on bikes wearing floaty floral dresses.
None of these, however, are worth a damn if you look like a fleshy sack of potatoes.
Alas, fear not. It’s not too late to get yourself into the shape of your life (or, at least, decent enough shape to get your top off) in just a month.

Starting with just a few small changes, here’s FHM’s 10 Fitness Commandments from our fitness preacher Zack Cahill.

01    Thou shalt not drink alcohol. At all.

02    Thou shalt have the diet of a caveman. If it didn’t grown on the ground or have eyes, don’t touch it.

03    Thou shalt have two portions of green vegetables every day.

04    Thou shalt do weight training a minimum of four times per week.

05    Thou shalt aim to get nine hours sleep per night.

06    Thou shalt not consume any sugar.

07    Thou shalt limit carb servings to two per week.

08    Thou shalt do 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio a minimum of four days per week.

09    Thou shalt have at least two large protein portions per day.

10    Thou shalt supplement with magnesium, vitamin D and fish oil.

Zack Cahill (@zackcahill) is a London-based personal trainer with Aegis Training. To get a special introductory rate, quote FHMFIT.