You're on your way out the door. You look down at your umbrella. The lazy little bastard is just lying there, like some kind of narcoleptic stoner cat. He slowly opens one eye to look at you, bursting with disdain. "If you want me to come with you you'll have to carry me. You could leave me here, but you know what happened last time..." 

You glance out the window at the clear skies above and leave your umbrella at home. Then it hammers down with rain and you're washed away in a torrent of regret, annoyance and rain. Mainly rain.

It doesn't need to be this way. You could pop everything you might need in a rucksack which, unlike other types of bag, won’t lead to crippling back problems in the future.

FHM heroes including Kanye West, Wretch 32 and Michael Cera know that rucksacks are where its at, but it’s imperative you rock the right one. That ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’ number, for instance, is doing you no favours, no matter how many times you spout rhetoric about wearing it “ironically”.

Take our advice: bag one of these beauts and be on your items-carrying way:


Navy Contrasting Trim Rucksack
Fred Perry, £85

Herschel Little America Backpack

Herschel, £90

Eastpak ASOS

Eastpak Authentic Backpack

Eastpak, £39

Jansport Right Pack Backpack

Jansport, £54.99


Jansport red backpack
Sandqvist backpack



Sandqvist Canvas Backpack

 Sandqvist, £100

Canvas Slope Day Pack

Blk Pine Workshop, £139

BLK Pine Workshop Satchel
North Face backpack



Singletasker Pack

 The North Face, £50

Eastpak Returnity Backpack

Eastpak, £66

Eastpak backpack
Blue Banana backpack



Blue Banana Comic Design Backpack

Blue Banana, £15

Navy Aztec Print Rucksack

Topman, £24

Topman aztec backpack

In the awesome new issue of the mag, you'll find a helpful guide to which bag you need depending on what job you're going for:FHM bags
Okay, so a rucksack might not be the ideal choice for that Barclays CEO job you're going for, but if they're good enough for orphaned kangaroos, they're good enough for us.