It's been a good week for gadgets. Leo Davie of awesome men's lifestyle curators, The Coolector, guides us through his picks of the week.

1: Ziiiro Titan Pocket Watch

The days might be gone where a man rocked a pocket watch on a gold chain from his breast pocket, but that’s not stopping Ziiiro from trying to revive it with this bonkers-looking effort.

Will it catch on? Probably not, but it's still pretty cool. If you like dressing like a time traveller.

Approx £100. Check it out HERE

2: Coin

If, like most men, you tend to find yourself wandering around with embarrassingly bulging pockets, mostly due to your cards and receipt-stuffed wallet, you might want to cast your eye over the rather intriguing-looking Coin device in the video above.

In a nutshell, utilising some Hogwartian-esque magic, Coin lets you somehow cram all of your debit, credit, gift and (obsolete) Blockbuster card on to a single card, meaning you don't have to carry around a million random things that you can never find.

It might not sound or look like that much, but it's a great idea that we're surprised hasn't been done before.

Check out Coin on


3: Panono Camera


When we take pictures of stuff, we typically just lob our camera at our subject and hope for the best. So we're obviously intrigued by the Minesweeper-looking Panono Camera.

Built to take sharp panoramic photos with zero effort, you just lob the thing in the air and it does all the work for you before it even arrives back in your hands, uploading the results automatically to your phone.

Check it out at IndieGoGo.

4: Samsung UE46F8000ST TV

Though Samsung may not have spent their money on a marketing department that can come up with a catchier name for their TV than the UE46F8000ST, they've definitely spent wisely on their technical team, because this is one hell of an impressive beast.

Key features include a voice-control element that doesn't make you feel like a complete douche and an integrated camera.

: Approx £1,500 at Currys

5: Movember App

If, like us, you're currently accruing as many donations as possible to look like a scruffier, moustachioed version of yourself throughout the month of November then let us direct your attention to this excellent Movember App.

Perfect for keeping your lip-tickler looking magnificent and wringing the pockets of your friends that have yet to sponsor your bushy crusade.

 Free from the iTunes Store

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Words by Leo Davie,

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