So many cool gadgets, so little time. Leo Davie, from ace men's lifestyle curators The Coolector, guides us through his top picks of the coolest gadgets he's found this week.

01 Grain Audio Portable WiFi Speakers

Grain audio portable WiFi speakers for FHM

Tired of people releasing portable speakers that not only sound awful but look like the toys from a McDonald's Happy Meal? Then you need to check out these awesome-looking Grain Audio WiFi Speakers that have the audacity to not only deliver impeccable sound quality, but also to look cracking too. Show-offs.

Sort your outdoor tunes out by picking up the speaker HERE.

02 Adidas miCoach Wristwatch

Adidas wristwatch for FHM

Planning on making some ambitious fitness resolutions in the new year? Then one of these excellent Adidas miCoach Wristwatches will probably come in handy.

The space age-looking wristpiece helps you keep track of your mileage, heart rate and the amount of calories you've managed to shave off since your morning latte.

The only problem is that it retails at £350, which is pretty expensive for a device that's essentially designed to tell you you're a big fatty.

Check out more at

03 Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Camera

Hasselblad Stellar Camera for FHM

If you're going to invest in what we would classify as a "small-to-moderate" fortune on a camera, you may as well opt for one that looks as effortlessly superb as the Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Camera.

It's the type of camera that smells of rich mahogany, owns many leather-bound books and is kind of a big deal.

Check out for more info.

04 Playstation 4

With the new incarnation of the Playstation set to be unleashed in little over three weeks' time on 29 November, it's acceptable for the man-childs among us to start getting a little bit excited as we relish the prospect of dishing out thrashings on a hyper-realistic FIFA 14 (while inevitably losing to the computer, of course). 

05 LG G Flex Smartphone

LG Flex Smartphone for FHM

A flexible phone might seem like a bit of a novelty but, in actuality, there are plenty of genuine reasons you'll want one soon.

One such reason is that the curved shape means it fits your face better and, God knows, we've been growing irate with our current phones not playing ball with the curvature of our faces.

This Minority Report-esque offering from LG is the best of the bunch so far...

See more about the LG G Flex Smartphone over HERE.

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Words by Leo Davie