Our weekly round-up of this week's hottest gadgets to get your fingers twitching in anticipation of pay day, courtesy of Leo Davie from The Coolector…

01 Nike LunarENDOR Snowboarding Boots

If you're heading out on the piste this winter and want to bring attention to how frequently you stack it on the simplest of slopes, let us direct your attention to the spacey-looking Nike LunarEndor Snowboarding Boots.

They're basically what Marty McFly would wear if he was into snowboarding and not trying to date his mum in the future, or something.

They're available from December. Keep your eye on the Nike Snowboarding Store.

02 Kindle Fire HDX

If you’re one of those types that refuses to jump on the Apple bandwagon but still want to keep your fingers occupied with a touch screen, you'll find everything you're looking for with this effort from Kindle.

The best (and most open to abuse) feature is a MAYDAY button that you can press for direct contact with an Amazon representative who will solve LITERALLY any problem you have.*

*Not literally.

Price: £199, available at Amazon

03 Pencil Stylus

It might sound pretty pathetic, but if you’re one of those "creative" types this will have you frothing at the mouth, essentially as it’s just a pencil that works on your iPad. It means you have more control when you’re clicking through Tinder instead of constantly messing it up with your massive thumbs.

Technologically advanced and highly responsive, it comes in both graphite and the extremely middle class-looking walnut model above.

Price: £35 approx. Available at FiftyThree.

04 Nissan 3E HUD

If, like us, your driving skills are questionable at best, wearing a cyber eye-patch over one eye may not seem like the best idea. That said, who cares about your driving capabilities when you look like a god damn robot? The Nissan 3E Head-Mounted HUD essentially turns your driving trips into a deleted scene from Minority Report, pumping you full of cool data and computer graphics. Which is awesome.

Check out the video HERE. It makes a pretty good Guinness ad in our eyes.

05 Blue Lounge

It might sound a little like a strip club, but the Blue Lounge is actually one of the most stylish gadget charging stations we’ve ever seen. And, in a wonderful display of political correctness, it doesn't discriminate about the type of device you have.

Whether you’re Apple, Samsung or Google, the Blue Lounge’ll take a bit of anything. The dirty, gadgety hussy.

Price: £65 approx. Get your hands on one at BlueLounge.com.

Words by Leo Davie. For more awesome stuff, check out The Coolector.