Missed the midday deadline to order your FHM Beer Club crate? Don't worry -  the guys at Bluebeards Revenge have got something pretty damn smooth on offer.

For the cool sum of £49.99, you can get him something awesome that isn't socks, jumpers or pants. The Perfect Dad Kit is something he'll actually use and it's full of seriously nice products.

1 x Brushless Shaving Solution
1 x ‘Cooling' Moisturiser
1 x 100ml Eau De Toilette
1 x 175g Big Blue Bar Of Soap For Blokes
1 x Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
1 x Comb

The Shaving Solution is especially good. It brings together ingredients which provide a slippery texture so you won't slash up your face, with a clever gelling agent that acts as the 'cushion' so the blade gets just the right amount of contact.

It also contains Decelerine - an ingredient that serves to reduce the appearance of beard growth over time and also moisturises and protects the skin during and after the shave.

CLICK HERE to read up on all the other bits and find your nearest stockist.