The thing with the world is, there’s loads of cool shit in it. Things like rare trainers, headphones from people who know A LOT about sound, and T-shirts with bears wearing glasses on them. Oh, and the new track from Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah, Earthquake, which you can pull over your head like a warm duvet of cool while you breathe in this hazy fart of awesomeness.

Puma and Franklin & Marshall are pals now

Puma and Franklin & Marshall
From £94.50

If you like limited edition colours, college fonts and rare customised logos, we suggest you head here and buy some of these bad boys, put them on your feet, and become instantly about 3.4% cooler. Until you trip over the laces, that is.

Lose crap shirt, get good shirt, raise money for charity

Shelter T.M.Lewin 
That embarrassing old stripey number taking up space in your wardrobe could be £2 in Shelter's hungry pocket. Just take it down to any T.M.Lewin before October 2. In return, they'll let you buy a brand new shirt for a special price of £22, a further £2 of which will also go to Shelter. Go here for more info on doing A GOOD THING.

Converse have made some boots, kids pretending to be in bands are confused

Converse boots

We're not sure if we should, but we really bloody like these. There was another pair we really liked, but the promo shot was of a bloke sitting on the toilet with his jeans rolled down, so we plumped for this one. Look out for them in the Chuck Taylor All Star Fall 2011 Collection 'ere.

Ministry of Sound headphones

Ministry of Sound headphones

Ministry have spent 20 years making bangers so strong we gladly embrace tinnitus. Now, to put the final nail in the 'can you hear that?' coffin, they've knocked out a range of headphones. Available in a range of colours and styles - y'know, ones that go over your ears and ones that go in your ears - they'll ensure you get the most of every beat. Even if you are listening to Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit. From £14.99 at Ministry of Sound and Amazon.

This bear is wearing a bow tie and glasses. You can have a T-shirt with him on. What are you waiting for?

More T Vicar Goodie Two Sleeves Roarer The Explorer T-shirt

This very bear could be on YOUR chest for £21.95 (plus delivery, depending on how much you spend). Let's face it: you are highly unlikely to come across a better bear than this today. Go here.