In this week's five coolest things: some arty coasters, a sexy T-shirt, a bike so cool it'll make you contemplate finally ditching your trusty old Raleigh Streetwolf, a thing that throws snowballs 50 metres, and some boots. 

Say yes to Banksy coasters, Say no to coffee cup rings

Banksy coaster
Wellcoolstuff, £1.75 each or £6 for four

We don’t know much about Banksy, obviously; that’s kind of the point. But we reckon that he likes a good cup o’ char as much as the next undercover graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. So why not rest your mug on one of his many landmark works? They're £1.75 a pop, or four for £6. "We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles," he said. "In the meantime we should all go shopping (for Banksy coasters*) to console ourselves."

*We may or may not have added that bit ourselves

Jude Law, Alfie, Sienna Miller, y'know?

Vespa PX
Vespa, £2,899

If you're in the market for a scooter, please, please, please, PLEASE get something awesome like this rather than one of those godawful turbo-charged hairdryers that people who go to school in head-to-toe Lonsdale buzz around on. You know, those stupidly loud ones that make you think Optimus Prime with a tummy ache is coming round the corner, when in fact it's just a spotty weirdo giving you the death stare as he wobbles past at nine miles an hour.

This thing throws snowballs 50 METRES

Cotswold Outdoor, £15

That's the length of an Olympic swimming pool. Sooooo, if you're faced with the increasingly common situation whereby an Olympic swimmer has upset you, and has now swum away to the other end of the pool, and you want to hit him with a snowball, and you have some snow, and your aim is pretty bloody remarkable, and there's no lifeguard on duty to tell you that shooting snowballs from one end of the pool to the other isn't allowed, then just grab one of these bad boys and you're away.

A sexy T-shirt

Sugarbullets, £25

Like sexy girls? Like T-shirts? Like not being half-naked when you go outside? Then HULLLLO, is this Amplified number the T-shirt for you (yes, technically any T-shirt could tick that third box, but still). Even better: the brunette will stare into the sole of any pervy man who tries to ogle your chest, making them shuffle off like Frankie Cocozza being ticked off by his Gran.

These boots are made for penguins

Penguin clondyke boots
Original Penguin, £110

Look outside, brother: it's winter out there. If you're thinking that your espadrilles and Toms are gonna see you through the next six months, you've got another thing coming. And that thing is cold wet feet and trench foot.