This week’s five coolest things is brought to you by a swirly jumper, a water-powered clock, a T-shirt that punches science in the face, some brilliant hi tops and a scarf that never ends. It's going to be AWESOME.

This sweatshirt is swirly and sweet

FLY53 unravel sweatshirt
FLY53, £45

There’s nothing more satisfying than perfectly peeling an apple in one beautiful unending helix. It’s a beautiful moment; right up there with a perfect bit of parallel parking and an immaculately timed pithy tweet (yeah, we’re simple creatures). Now you can immortalise that moment of Granny Smith sculpting glory with this snazzy sweatshirt.

Keep your neck warm like Tevez

H&M snood
H&M, £4.99

You might think that snoods are for girls and wantaway South American footballers, but you’re looking at it all wrong. IT’S A SCARF THAT NEVER ENDS. Yeah, shove that up your snood and smoke it.

Pluto IS a planet *sobs uncontrollably*

Pluto is a planet T-shirt
Threadless, $20

To be honest, we took it pretty hard when that whole ‘Pluto isn’t really a planet’ bullshit hit. It kind of undermined everything we’d learnt about everything up to that point. How could we trust our teachers again? And science, come on man, we thought we could believe in you, with your monkeys-this and your gravity-that. Yeah, those were some pretty dark days for us. But still! Cool T-shirt, eh?

Puma made some nice trainers, we argued like cats in an alley

Puma gortex hi tops
Puma, £80

You won't believe the debate we just had in FHM about what constitutes a mid top and what's a hi top. Someone needs to clarify this grey area of ankle-covering fashion before serious blood is shed.

Whatever these are, they are GOOD.

This clock is powered by WATER

Water powered can clock
Eden Project, £10.25

Okay, obviously clocks aren't the most energy ravenous devices. We don't find ourselves constantly cursing, "Oh for fuck's sake, not new batteries for the clock AGAIN, we've already changed them twice today". But still, this is pretty sweet.

Change the water every six to twelve months (just do it with your bedsheets, so's you don't forget) and enjoy FREE TIME.