It’s our weekly roundup of cool stuff. This week we've found a suit made of witchcraft and a T-shirt featuring Maradona smoking a rollie.

Merry Christmas.

Kate Moss, Mike Tyson and Maradona walked into a bar...

Weekend Offender, £25

D’you know what’s better than one thing? NINE things.

Having an iconic face on your T-shirt is a good way of saying something about yourself without having to go to all the bother of actually having a personality. It says “Hey, I’m a guy who likes T-shirts and the Cuban Revolution (Guevara)/horticulture (Marley)/really fucking long guitar solos (Hendrix)/etc etc”, which tells other people who like that thing that you could be friends.

Get a suit that doesn't look like you've borrowed it off your dad

Spencer Hart

Once you've worn a tailored suit, you'll never want to go back to that feeling of reaching up to get some milk off the shelf and inadvertently revealing your midriff as your ill-fitting number rides up around you. (Hang on, what kind of shop puts milk on the top shelf? What sort of milk is that you're buying? And why are you wearing a suit to do your grocery shopping?)

Anyway, thanks to a hook-up between Jay-Z's tailor Spencer Hart, and manufacturer of flash technology Samsung, your tailored suit will now be even more tailored.

They use the new Samsung Galaxy Note to take pictures of you in a jacket and trousers, and then tailor it on screen to show you how it'll look. You can change it however you please and see how it'll turn out, though they might baulk at your suggestion of a built-in 'Suit FM'.

There's nothing better than a BIG KNIT

Joy, £80

It's like getting a big hug all day long. But it never says "Ooh, isn't it my turn? Shouldn't you be stroking me now?" It just keeps you warm and comfy, without ever expecting anything in return. Like a humanitarian woolly mammoth.

We saw someone in the office wearing these

French Connection, £60.50

And we were all like "Oh em gee, where're they from?" and he was all like "French Connection" and we were all like "Sweet, they're well nice" and he was all like "Yeah, and there's a sale on" and we were all like "Noooo wayyyy, totes money off yeah?" and he was all like "Yeah, a third off" and then, thankfully, we all stopped talking like Gossip Girl rejects and got on with our lives.

Aww, what a nice hat. What does that sa... oh

indcsn, £24.99

This is a great hat.