If you’re yet to join the craft beer revolution, now is the time to pledge your allegiance. The market for beers made by independent micro-breweries is worth over $12 billion a year in the US alone and thirsty drinkers with class in the UK are fast catching on to the trend – there’s now more than 1,140 craft breweries for you to pick your lovely hoppy goodness from. The beer business is booming, and the taste of success is delicious.

What’s more, it’s no longer just the ice-cold liquid that’s a thing of beauty. Breweries are indulging in a case of one-upmanship to can their beer in the best-looking tinnies possible – allowing the shelves of your fridge to look less like a rotting jungle and more like the coolest gallery on the planet.

But ditching the bottle isn’t just a bonus for your eyes. Tinnies protect your nectar from sunlight; too much of it, and a reaction takes place that creates 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, or MTB, which to you and us is the familiar smell of skunk farts. And nobody’s ever enjoyed a skunk fart after a long day at the office.

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