Nike has updated their Air Max 90s and chucked the word Lunar in there, which of course has made us all go "Ooooooooh…"

What are they: Air Max Lunar90s. Basically, Air Max 90s that have been put in a time machine and emerged victorious.

What's new: They're more breathable, comfortable and lightweight than their predecessors. That's why they're floating. Although they don't actually float. That's just photoshop, but you get the point. They're light, like marshmellows for your feet but less likely to absorb puddles or go all sticky if you put them near anything remotely warm.

Where to wear them: To your five-a-side xmas charity football match. Just because it's for charity doesn't mean you don't NEED TO WIN or look like an absolute boss.

What to wear them with: Your sharpest running gear. Or a spacesuit, if you've got it to hand. Failing that if you want to go all hipster, sling on some well-cut black jeans, roll 'em up and wear a bad ass sweater for a properly cool street look.

How much are they: £105 from, which is a helluva lot cheaper than actual floating trainers.

Christmas bonus: Today is Christmas Jumper day, so get a load of our gallery.