A good brogue is a thing of true beauty. Take the ones above, for example - we don't know about you, but we could stare at them for hours. The buttery softness of the tobacco-coloured leather, the unexpected pop of the orange sole. This is a seriouly good-looking piece of footwear, the kind that will elevate a simple jeans and shirt combination quicker than you can say 'shoe porn'.

If you, too, share a fixation with particularly beautiful brogues, then you should probably know about Grenson, the British shoemakers behind the pair you see before you. Launched in 1866 by William Green, Grenson is a heritage brand in the truest, least PR-gimmicky sense of the term. It's been through two World Wars, a Great Depression, and some seriously dodgy footwear trends (remember last year when everyone - including us - thought it was ok to wear £5 plimsolls on a daily basis? Yeah, let's never go back to that.)

Now nearing its 200th anniverary, Grenson was recently bought by shoe designer Tim Little, who has set about revitalising the brand in spectacular fashion. There's been collaborations with Aubin & Wills and Albam, a newly opened store in East London, and (most importantly of all) lots and lots of well-designed, well-made shoes, at completely reasonable prices. Take a look at the website today - we defy you not to find at least one pair that doesn't make you feel slightly hot and bothered.