We've got 99 problems and not having a pair of these is one. Or something like that. Presenting Radii (sound it out with us: ray-dee-eye), the Californian footwear brand favoured by Jay Z himself. And they won't smash your wallet as much as you'd think...

Who are they: Relatively new (born circa 2008) insanely nice, high-end sneakers.

Where you've seen them before: Jay Z wore the Radii Moon Walkers during his tour for The Blueprint 3 and everyone went a little bit nuts for them. 

Jay Z

What makes them so special: Well, for starters, they're made from pigskin which, unlike other animal skins, has tiny pores to keep the animal cool in summer and toasty in winter. The material is also very tough and durable. Not only that, the kicks are fitted with Cloud 9 sock liners. 

Because it's like you're walking on clouds? Hells yeah. They're a high-performance insole with cushioning technology, which makes them ridiculously comfortable and durable, so you can be on your feet for as long as you feel inclined.

Where to wear them: To the Grammys. Or to a club with loud bass and a low risk of vomit or drink spillage. 

What to wear them with: A diamond-encrusted cane and a top hat. Or, ya know, jeans.

How much they are: Take those Moon Walkers above. In Radii's Europe store, those cost £90.50. See? Not so bad. 

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