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The five looks you need for Autumn/Winter

The five looks you need for Autumn/Winter

Face it: summer's over. Seriously, just move on. You don't want to be the town sad-case, still wearing shorts and flip flops as the rain lashes down, your fake "just back from holiday" tan not fooling anyone as it washes down your arms in orangey streaks. It's time to prepare for Autumn and Winter. 


We aren't old enough to have experienced the 60s, but we're old enough to know we missed out on some good stuff. After all, they weren't called the Swinging Sixties for nothing (we imagine it was something to do with the proliferation of public playgrounds at that time). Taking notes from The Beatles, Steve McQueen and the Mods, these styles scream "yeah I like nice stuff but I don't care if it gets ruined when I'm tearing shit up" - which is a pretty good thing to scream, if you ask us.


You know the best thing about sweatshirts and chinos? They're bloody comfortable. No, wait, the best thing is that they look excellent. No, it's the comfort. No, the looking excellent.

Okay, we don't really know what the best thing about this preppy, sporty style is, but we know we like it. A lot. 

Brands such as Franklin & Marshall, Ralph Lauren and Dsquared2 are order of the day. Team with loafers for smarter occasions or trainers for a more laidback look.


Having spent the summer in boat shoes, horizontal stripes and chino shorts pretending your yacht is moored up outside Slug & Lettuce, it's time to upgrade your (fictional) nautical ride for something more manly. After all, who wants to dress like they sail a glorified dinghy when you can sport the attire of someone who commands a 10,000 hp trawler? You don't win wars with yachts, y'know.

Opt for heavy duty boots, hard-wearing denim and a thick jacket or raincoat and pray no one ever asks you "which way's starboard?"


Fashion brands are going back to their traditions this season with original logos and classic ranges, with good reason - nothing exudes class more than a design that has stood the test of time.

Be brave and opt for some signature brogues, paired with tailored chinos and a well-fitted shirt and/or jumper. Don't be concerned if your dad approves of your clothes for the first time in your life; you're not getting old, you're getting heritage.


The last time you wore hiking boots may have been aged nine when you were dragged on that ill-fated family holiday to the Lake District which ended in Lord Fluffington being saved by Mountain Rescue, but it's time that changed.

Not only are these boots - think Caterpillar, Hudson, etc - infinitely practical, they're stylish, too. Add dark jeans, a checked shirt and puffer jacket or puffer gilet and you're talking rugged style that'll leave people thinking you're the kind of man who kills his own dinner. You even get to wear comfy thick socks that'll keep your tootsies warm, you real man, you.


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