Lose your Christmas belly in just 28 days

Posted by , 06 January 2014



What is it?
If you don’t fancy giving up all your precious time to pump iron in the gym this January, you could try a man-diet to work off that belly bulge instead. Not just any diet, mind, but a full-on body-transformation diet to accelarate healthy weight-loss by focussing on calorie and portion control, low-GI carbohydrates and regulated amounts of 'good' fats.
Sound confusing? Well, it can be. It’s hard to know what to eat and how much of it. Which is why a bunch of services have recently sprung up offering to deliver all your perfectly balanced meals to your front door. Our pick of the bunch by a country mile is Fresh Fitness Food, which personalises your diet and can shed serious pounds in just four weeks. "When it comes to burning fat or building lean muscle, your diet will be the single most important factor in whether you succeed a little, a lot or not at all," says Jared Williams of Fresh Fitness Food.
How hard is it?
Not very hard at all. Eating healthy in itself isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to be disciplined to stay away from fatty snacks and, most importantly, booze. Even a few units in an evening can completely derail your weight-loss program, so if you really want to shift flab fast, your best bet is to save boozing for weekends only.
Will it shift my belly?
Without a doubt, a focused paleo diet will rid you of your bulge, yes. Though nutrition is only 80% of the battle; if you really want to transform your body, you need to combine it with some training too. “For fast results, there’s nothing more effective than high-intensity interval training,” says personal trainer Zack Cahill of Aegis Training. “And ignore a lot of the bullshit you read – there are a lot of fitness myths out there, and most of them are complete and utter rubbish.”
To try out the paleo diet, go to Fresh Fitness Food.

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