These new woven kicks from Clarks x Foot Patrol are so nice, you might say they're "unbe-weave-able". If that wasn't such an awful, awful pun.

The wait for these hugely anticipated, limited edition mid-boots is almost over. They're due in-store from tomorrow, Saturday 28 September, and online from Monday.

What are they: Tawyer FP.
Who makes them: Clarks Sportswear.
Describe them in three words: Brilliantly Reworked Classics. 
How many colours do they come in: Two – brown and a swish blue and multi-colour option. 
Where to wear them: On a good autumnal park walk (just avoid the mud).  
What to wear them with: Style up with Penfield Kasson Mountain Parka.

Get them for £120 from Foot Patrol