For some reason, in winter, the body is prone to a lot more painful experiences: catching your chin-skin in the zip of your coat, slipping over on icy pavements and chilblains. Bastard chilblains.

Thwacking a football with a nigh-on frostbitten toe is also up there on the list. So, what you need this winter is a trainer designed for the colder weather. Oh, look, the Adidas Originals Bamba has just been reissued. Isn't that lucky?

What are they? Ridiculously comfortable.

No, really. What are they? The Adidas Originals Bamba, a football shoe designed to tackle icier and colder weather.

Why does the name sound familiar? The Bamba was one of the most popular training shoes  in the '70s, because it's so hard-wearing. It's also the baby brother of the Samba, another Adidas classic.

What colours do they come in? Navy, grey and black.

Where to wear them: To an early morning five-a-side or a park kickabout.

How much are they? £62 from Scotts Menswear.

Christmas bonus: These amazing football diving GIFs. Oh, and you'll get a FREE digital copy of FHM with any online or in-store purchase from Scotts Menswear.