Leo from The Coolector is back with the 5 coolest things you'll want to buy this week. SPOILER: The future is full of bike trees.


01 Hobo Eat Kit

Hobo Eat Kit

Now here's a Swiss Army knife that you'll definitely use all the bits of. Whether you're on the go or camping in the woods, the stainless steel Hobo Eat Kit still lets you eat like a king. A muddy, bug-bitten king.

Available: The Awesomer


02 CalypsoTag


Make the dreaded airport carousel tussle a thing of the past. The CalypsoTag has bluetooth that syncs with your smartphone and lets you know when your bags in reach or if someone else makes off with it.

Available: CalypsoTag


03 Sony Playstation TV

Sony Playstation TV

If you're lucky enough to have a PS4 but hate the thought of dragging yourself out of bed and into the living room to play it, you're a lazy bastard.

But seriously, the Sony Playstation TV is here to save the day. This little box lets you stream remotely from your PS4 to any other TV you have in the house.

Available: SONY


04 Clug


No, Clug isn't some sort of bike-baiting pheromone released by trees. It's actually the world's smallest bike rack and allows you to park pretty much anywhere (yes, including up a tree).

See More: Kickstarter


05 Floating Mug

floating mug

Ever found yourself in the doghouse for leaving stains on various pieces of furniture in your home? This Floating Mug will do away with that whilst also providing a nice place to rest that heavy HobNob.

Available: Floating Mug