At least, that’s what you all said. A convincing 46% of you voted for him in our recent poll, putting him streets ahead of your second speediest speedster Gareth Bale, who picked up 15% of your votes.

Since joining Arsenal, Theo Walcott has broken every club record for sprinting, beating the times set by flying Frenchman Thierry Henry. Walcott's top speed in matches has been clocked at 22.72 miles per hour, and people with too much time on their hands have calculated that if he could maintain that pace for 100 metres, he'd be able to run it in 9.9 seconds. Okay, it's not enough to make world's fastest man Usain Bolt choke on his chicken nuggets, but it's pace-a-plenty to keep Jamie Carragher awake at night.

Theo Walcott, now the official (well, kind of) fastest player in the Premier League, wears Nike Mercurial Vapor boots, as favoured by former Premier League turbo-merchant, Cristiano Ronaldo.

By the way, ever wondered what it would look like to see Cristiano Ronaldo playing tennis against Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal? Oh, you have?

If you're wondering why Nadal is so confident with a ball at his feet, his uncle might be able to give you a clue:

Miguel Angel Nadal
Photo by estrellazulgrana

Yep, Rafael Nadal's uncle is Miguel Angel Nadal, the former captain of Barcelona and Spain, nicknamed 'The Beast' for dominating games with his physical prowess. Maybe Rafa could teach him a thing or two about taking penalties?

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