What's not to love about gadgets? A world without jetpacks isn't one we want to live in. Leo Davie from men's lifestyle pedlars, The Coolector, takes us through the latest gadgets and gizmos he's encountered this week that you need to know about right now.

Like right now, put down that cup of tea and pay attention...

01 WipeBook - The Whiteboard Notebook

FHM Top Tech

Whilst the natural reaction when encountering a whiteboard is to draw a penis on it, there are some guys who would rather do worthwhile diagrams and equations instead.

For those people, there is this rather awesome WipeBook - a notepad sized whiteboard. Needless to say, those of us who do enjoy drawing penises on whiteboards will also have much to enjoy.

Show Support: Kickstarter (They don't need it though - already rinsed their target).

02 Dutchtub Wood

FHM Top Tech

If you want to get a Rob Burgundy-esque reputation as an excellent party host, plumb one of these into your pokey studio flat.

The wonderfully authentic looking Dutchtub is lightweight and weatherproof, which is good when you're forced to put it in your flat's communal carpark (after you've flooded your living room).

May or may not smell of rich mahogany.

Price: £4,000 Approx.

Available: Weltevree.

03 Snolo Sled

FHM Top Tech

What is Christmas for if not showing up kids with their crappy sledges? Hit the hills with one of these Snolo Sleds under your arm and watch the parents silently curse you as their kids whine with envy.

The Snolo Sled is the ultimate badass machine that looks like a stealthy so-and-so which, as we all know, means that drive-by snowballings will be the call of the day.

Price: £1800 Approx.

Available: Snolo.

04 Voxman Electric Motocycle

FHM Top Tech

It's tricky enough getting to and from work on your bog-standard bicycle. But that doesn't stop us getting a motor-boner over this Voxman Electric Motocycle.

It looks like the kind of bike Batman would ride if he was one of The Expendables. Which is pretty much the best kind of bike ever.

See More: Voxan.

05 Beer Lamp 

FHM Top Tech

Much like Burgundy's cohort, Brick Tamland, we love lamp. But there is one thing we love more than lamp and that, sir, is beer. Imagine our unmeasurable delight then when the two were fused to make this brilliantly inventive Beer Lamp by Luke Lamp Co.

It harnesses the power of beer and creates electricity via the medium of magic. Probably. Either that or you plug it into the wall like a normal lamp. Either way, it's awesome and we love it.

Brilliantly it also goes pretty well with the brand new FHM Beer Club service....

Price: £90 Approx.

Available: Etsy.

Words by Leo Davie, check out his awesomeness out over at The Coolector.