Leo Davie of The Coolector gives you your weekly dose of the shiniest, must awe-inducing man gadgets that have made their way in front of his retinas this week.


01  Sony Project Morpheus

Video gaming has just been taken to the next level with the new Sony Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. The device will put you right in the thick of whatever game you’re playing, meaning that, yes you’ll probably look like a bit of a dick of anyone sees you wearing it, but it’ll make your first person games feel just like the real thing. So good it’s terrifying.

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02   Bacon Grill Rack

Oscar Wilde once said: “If a man doesn’t like bacon, then he shouldn’t be trusted.” OK, we might have made that up, but still, the thought stands. Bacon is awesome and if it had a stronger gravitational field it would make the world go round, both metaphorically and literally. Now the sun’s starting to shine again, take your BBQ’s to the next level with this brilliant Grill Rack.

Available: Home Wetbar

03  Shelfie Bike Rack

You’ve heard of the selfie, now see the shelfie. Admittedly, the shelfie has absolutely nothing to do with ego based photography and is simply a lazy pun on an already overused word but if you’re looking for a stylish alternative to dumping your bike in the hall, this is it. Just be prepared for tyre marks all over your lovely white walls.

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04  Android Wear

The future is so close we can almost taste it and it's only a matter of time before we talking into our watches like a bunch of weirdos. Proof being the development of this badass Android smartwatch which for a change, doesn’t look completely naff. In fact, it’s about a bazillion times better than all of the other tamagotchi-esque smartwatches we’ve seen lately.

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05  Cloak

If there’s one thing this world doesn’t need, it’s another social networking app. An anti-social networking app on the other hand, we’re all for. This little gadget will let you avoid any awkward meetings with people you just don’t want to bump into. Cloak tells you when you get in proximity to someone who has checked into a place on Facebook, Foursquare etc and gives you the opportunity to give said place a wide berth. Perfect for cheaters and miserable bastards or dodging your boss on a ‘sick day.’

Available: iTunes