The clocks go forward this weekend, and what better way to celebrate an extra hour of afternoon sunlight than a snazzy new watch? 

Nixon Newton




Black Dice

Guru BD


Black Dice Guru Watch


Havana Nevil Brown



Until 1939, men carried pocket watches and thought bracelets that told the time were for women. This all changed when pocket watches proved to be rather inconvenient on the World War I battlefield, and soldiers began attaching them to their wrists with leather straps. Suddenly, gents the world over no longer felt emasculated and realised that fishing around in your top pocket whenever you wanted to check whether you'd be home in time for Take Me Out was a bit of a faff, and thus wristwatches WENT LARGE.

Adidas Originals

Peachtree Watch


Adidas Peachtree watch
Diesel leather watch


3 Bar



Pirello Leather


Storm Pirello leather

According to the Oxford dictionary, 'time' is the most commonly used noun in the English language. Always wondered, hadn't you?

Ice watch

Ice Watch

Ice White Black Mid Watch



Casio Digital


Casio classic
Swatch touch white


Touch White




Ansel Stainless Steel


Fossil Ansel

In March 2012, Swiss watchmaker Hublot unveiled the world's most expensive watch. With a price tag of $5 million, it has 140 carats of diamonds covering the entire face, and is caked in white gold. It has 1,292 diamonds in total, but can't change the television channel or do basic arithmitic - laaaaame.