After our last Hatch of the Day was blighted by snow, we decided to take matters into our own hands and venture to the sunnier climes of Portugal to test our latest hatchback, the new Peugeot 208.

The problem was, people in Portugal speak Portuguese, which we do not speak. This made communication difficult. There’s only so far you can get with nodding at headlights and making awkward ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ gestures. Fortunately, the lovely staff in our hotel did “speako the lingo” and were able to give their opinions on the latest incarnation of one of the world’s best-selling hatchbacks.

Here’s what they thought:


Peugeot 208 review

I like it very much. It’s kind of aggressive. I think the front is very different, and the lines and everything of the car are very beautiful. I currently have a 206, but I’d love to swap it for one of these. I didn’t like the 207 as much because the front was very large, but this one is more compact.


Red Peugeot 208

I drive a Citroen – an old one. I like the colour of this. And I like the design; I think it’s pretty cute. It’s very comfortable. I would definitely change my Citroen for one of these!

GABRIELLE FISHER (she’s from South Africa, not Portugal)

Gabrielle Fisher

This is eff'ing niiiiiiice! I’ve been watching this one in the garage, actually, man. I really like this colour. I like the colour, I like the shape… oh, the interior! It’s new.

Yeah, man, it’s compact but doesn’t feel too small.

I’m using an old Volkswagen Polo at the moment, but I’d definitely swap it for one of these. Any chance of that? I don’t think mine would be traded in very well! This is beautiful, ahhh… It’s sick, man! I would drive this any day.


Luis Verdoba

I don’t like the 206. The 205? Of course. The GTI… It was the first GTI, and probably the best. But the 206, even though it sold so much, I didn’t like it. The 207 just followed that; it didn’t have a character of its own – but this one has.

This one has it’s own character, it’s own personality. Things like the daylight LEDs, and the layout of the lights – you can’t mistake it for any other car, and I like that. I look at a lot of cars now, and if you took off the badges, you wouldn't be able to tell who made it. I like a car to be a bit different, like this. To me, it’s sportier and younger than the last version. The 206 was ahead of it’s time – that’s why it sold so good – but I didn’t like it.

I think this one’s really well made. It’s clever: it’s smaller on the outside but it feels bigger on the inside. I drive a Honda CRV. I would like one of these, of course, but I have a daughter so I’d need the five-door version. I’d like a GTI version!

It’s a cool car. I don’t like much the chrome finishes on this one, because you get that on other cars – it looks more like an Audi thing. It looks good with this trimline, but I wouldn’t go for it. I’d go for the shaved aluminium, not the glossy one.

We also asked some of our Facebook pals what they thought:

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The new Peugeot 208 will be released in the UK this summer. Head here for full details.