The hairdresser can be a dangerous place. No-one wants to be that guy clutching the wrinkled cutting of Ryan Gosling, but stroll into the joint with ambiguity in your heart and you’ll stroll out looking like Pat Sharpe in the Fun House days.

Why? Because the nice lady with the scissors and the purple crew cut might be forceful, but she doesn’t always know what’s best for you. Jason Sarkosi from top salon Taylor Taylor does. That’s why we chirpsed him up for some top tips on what to ask for when your barnet's in crisis.


Nothing really happens to your hair. You can style and style but it always ends up flopped over your eyes in a completely pointless way.

JASON SAYS ASK FOR: “I would suggest asking for a shorter more textured shape. By texturising the hair you can create different lengths thus giving the hair volume and movement. If your hair is longer opt for a structured shape, like a take on a ‘bob. Ask for it one length through the back and then rounded up towards the face, along the sides with a centre parting or even a heavy fringe if you’re feeling brave.



Just like the hair in your undercrackers your hair has no respect for you or your hair wax whatsoever. You’ve tried straightening it, but that’s way too much of a commitment on so many levels.

JASON SAYS ASK FOR: “The main problem with coarse hair is that it is usually quite bulky. Ask for a loose undercut so that any ‘bulk’ can be reduced – that way the haircut lasts longer.” But if your hair still refuses to obey you, “opt for a military chop – an ultra short crop. Still very cool but the lowest maintenance possible.”


Girls always say they like curly hair, but your hair is not what they mean when they say that. Your hair is more Kenny G than Justin Trousersnake.

JASON SAYS ASK FOR: “Have the sides and backed cropped in quite close (unless you have a long face shape) and keep the length longer on top and throughout the front, as this will give a modern feel your classic barnet.”


You're starting to lose your crowning glory and all you can think about is Ross Kemp on Gangs. You're not really into hats, but you need a haircut to flatter your recedo.


JASON SAYS ASK FOR: “Stay away from haircuts with longer lengths and the obvious comb over. For some reason when guys lose their hair they feel the need to grow it, but it is literally the worst thing you could do. It becomes almost translucent and you can see how thin the hair is. The best thing to do is to go for a shorter more textured shape. Try an Aveda Volumising Tonic to wet hair and dry with a hairdryer. It will coat the hair giving a slightly thicker feel and appearance. If you’re very far gone, the best thing you can do is to get rid of the whole lot and go for the same clipper grade all over, that way it stays even and hides any hair loss issues.

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