Facing an uphill struggle to overcome the battle of the bulge? Leo Davie from The Coolector has got your back with 5 awesome gadgets that will ramp up your fitness in no time.

01  Nexersys Boxing Unit

Got some pent up aggression that you need to work out before you end up throwing you computer through a window? One of these bad boys will fit the bill. The Nexersys Boxing Unit lets you beat it up till your heart's content and won't fight back - unless it becomes sentient and angry.

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02  Timex Smartwatch

Most of the smartwatches on the market to date rely on your smartphone to reach their potential but the Timex Smartwatch has no such dependency issues and boasts plenty of features that will help keep the lard off.

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03  Amiigo Fitness Band

If this super sleek-looking fitness band is as much of a douche as most fitness instructors out there in terms of keeping you fit, then it likely won't remain your Amiigo for long but if you're serious about getting fit, it could be a chief ally.

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04  Sony 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player

These tiny looking devices aren't merely headphones, they're actually a fully-fledged MP3 device with 4GB storage, purpose built for exercise - to the point you can even go for a dip in the pool with them on.

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05  Push For Pizza

If all this fitness paraphenalia has left you feeling demoralised and in dire need of a pizza then you'll need to sit up and take notice of a brilliant new app called Push For Pizza which literally lets you order pizza at the touch of a button. Prepare to undo any good work you've done in the gym.

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