We’ve teamed up with VO5 Extreme Style to give ordinary guys a complete style reboot, starting last month where we turned this scruffy roadie fella into a bonafide rockstar.

This month we’re giving a shaggy surfer who’s never owned a comb in his life a slick top flight footballer makeover.

Check out the results in the video above and get the look below from VO5’s Head Stylist, Daniel Lynes.



Step 1


This is a disconnected shape. Ask for a clipper cut through the sides and back then a cut with a looser blade to shape through the top.

Step 2


The length needs to increase slightly as you get to the front, so ask for the last couple of sections to be directed over the back to keep a little more length there.

Step 3

For your everyday hairstyle at home, blow dry the sides backwards with a hot curl brush and take your top layer up to create volume. Tip your head upside down when doing the top layer if it’s proving difficult. 

Step 4

Once dry, work a little of V05’s Extreme Style Matt Clay into your palms (enough to cover the end of a finger) until you have an even coverage of the product on your hands and work throughout from the root to the ends.

Step 5

The under shape (sides and back) will need very regular clippering, if you feel confident try at home, if not get back in the barbers chair to keep nice and tight.