What? This is Nike’s Total 90 Ascente, the football that’ll be used across the Premier League, the Spanish Primera Liga and Italian Serie A for the 2009/10 season.

What’s so special about it? The vision specialists who discovered that yellow footballs are easier to see than white ones have been at it again. This time out, they’ve developed an optimised visual graphic, which catches your eye when the ball’s moving at speed, making it easier to see which way the ball is spinning before you take your first touch. They’ve also engineered a 360° sweetspot and given the ball a ‘textured casing’ to reduce drag when it’s in flight.

Should I be excited? Yes. The ball flies further and more accurately than any football ever made, which means more shots on target, more spectacular goals and, most pertinently, absolutely nowhere else to hide for Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner.

Gimme: £85, www.nikestore.com