The days of making do with tasteless footy posters from Woolworths or prising them out of the Match and Shoot centrefolds are long gone. Thanks to the Internet, there's now a lively hub of brilliant artists all vying for a place on your walls. Here's a few of the best...

1/ Zoran Lucic, 30, from Bijeljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dude, what's your VIBE? "At first I was a sculptor and wanted to study that but I fell in love with typography when I was making T-shirts for my friend with bleech. From that experience I kept the style of handwritten typography, and later on I discovered a lot of inspiring stuff, from pop art to Russian prison tattoos from the time of Gulag which has just the right style - I think it's perfect. In the making of these posters the only rule was that the next one has to be considerably different from the previous one, mixing typefaces and concepts as a great creative exercise."

How much? 25
Where? (email directly)

2/ Dan Leydon, 24, from Sligo, Ireland

Dude, what's your VIBE? "I do this work because I love it. I'm either playing a match or filling my sketchbook. Getting to work on the Barca! book [by Graham Hunter] was a great experience. In my spare time I take commissions and am always on the lookout for an interesting project. Send me a tweet!"

How much? £17.05

3/ Johnny Joannou, 30, from Stockwell

Dude, what's your VIBE? "I love football, numbers and good design. This shop is my first attempt to consolidate my interests. My work attempts to make football data more accessible and pleasing on the eye. I couldn't convince my wife that one of the 47 World Cup magazine wallcharts should feature in our living room and so had to design one that was more aesthetically pleasing. Having received positive feedback on my first piece, the ‘Iniesta Fiesta’ artwork, I have gradually added new work including pieces with football statistics in a periodic table.

My most popular work is ‘The Professor of Science’ (above). This is visual tribute to Arsene Wenger showing every player to represent Arsenal football club in his 15 full seasons at the club. The  design uses the iconic periodic table as a framework. Appearance and goal information is included for each player in individual cells. Prints can be personalised  to include a cell with a name chosen by the client.  I am hoping to work through all 92 clubs and then the rest of the world!"

How much? From £60

4/ Andy Lee, 23 and Jonathan Lee, 25, from Teesside



Dudes, what's your VIBE? "We aim to put a humorous twist on the world of football and feature hand-drawn original football drawings from Rooney's hair transplant to Ashley Cole's 'Cole of Duty' to Ryan Giggs' new workout DVD. Check out and our Facebook page."

How much? £4

4/ Steve Welsh, 38, Middlesbrough

Dude, what's your VIBE? "I suppose it could be described as Warholesque. I try to subvert popular / cultural references to re-imagine players through everyday objects and concepts. Although saying that some of my stuff is quite traditional too. You can check out my site and get updates about my latest work on Twitter. "

How much? From $18

5/ Graeme Bandeira, 37, from Middlesbrough

Dude, what's your VIBE? "I dip a mapping pen into a bottle of ink and scribe without due care and attention! I have quite a spontaneous style. The football legends series was a personal project that spiralled after drawing Johan Cruyff. It made sense to add more, a lot of them personal favourites of mine and it is still an ongoing project as the possibilities are endless."

How much? £10

6/ Dan Gribbon, 26, Melbourne


Dude, what's your VIBE? Clean designs with a good mix of solid typography and illustrative artwork. People seem to like it. My most popular designs are currently sold out as I do limited runs for each piece. 'Leo' and 'Tiki Taka' [main, above] have been extremely popular with Barca fans. 'King Eric' is well received by Man Utd folk too. I think 'Edison' [bottom right] sums up 3NIL a lot. It focuses on Pele's full birth name and his initials are detailed in a monogram."

How much? $24

7/ Richard Swarbrick, 34, London

Dude, what's your VIBE? "I guess I just try to take memorable moments and make them feel like memories. I stick to subject matter that interests me such as sport - particularly football - and I like to keep the images simple and graphic.

How much? £125

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