Love him or hate him, you can’t accuse Robbie Savage of being boring. The extravagant boy from Wrexham knows what he likes: football, dancing and of course, PRODUCT. He dropped in to FHM towers to share his secrets on how to keep yourself looking fresh, Savage style.

1/ Teeth are everything
Looking after your knashers is top priority for Robbie, who carries a toothbrush around with him at all times. “I brush them at least four times a day and get them whitened every four months. It costs about £100 but its worth it as they’re constantly on show, no bird goes near a fella with teeth like Stonehenge.”

2/ Dry your hair naturally
Savage’s flowing blonde locks have made him one of the best recognised footballers the Premier League has ever seen. “People think that I go to great lengths to look after my hair but I don’t do anything special with it, just let it dry naturally- no hairdryers- the lads in the dressing room back in the day wouldn't have let me get away with it.” says the Welshman.

3/ Enhance your pecks
A gym membership takes money and effort, but fear not, Robbie has a failproof trick up his sleeve: “I used to do a lot of gym work when I was playing but I picked up a style tip when I was on Strictly Come Dancing - shimmer make up. Girls use it to highlight their facial features but guys can definitely use it to maximise any definition you may or may not have on your chest.” Warning: not applicable to moobs.

4/ Get a pre-holiday spray tan
Summer is on its way and while ‘Operation: Beach Body’ might have taken a permanent back seat, getting a quick-fix base tan is ruddy essential, according to Sav. “They’re so simple and easy and have such a sudden impact, it’s amazing. Even Harry Judd (Strictly rival and McFly drummer) looks half-decent with one.”

5/ Use guy-liner
We’re spotting a trend here, highlight something and it looks better. Known for a wink or two on the pitch, this is another tip picked up in the dressing rooms of Strictly. “Having blue eyes, I’ll always add a little just to bring them out a bit more. But be careful if you’re going out, sweaty clubbing and guy-liner doesn’t mix.”

Robbie Savage has teamed up with Pepsi Max to launch ‘Transform Your Patch’ – a campaign which aims to regenerate around 165 outdoor spaces across the UK with the help of the public. To vote for Robbie Savage and his 5-a-side football pitches, visit