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Posted by , 31 July 2009

Roman Polanski

Who’s the lucky fella? Polanski is a Polish-French Jew who survived the holocaust and went on to be the film director responsible for Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown, The Pianist and Oliver Twist. He won an Oscar for The Pianist.

What did he do? On March 10 1977, a 44-year-old Polanski had sex with the 13-year-old Samantha Geimer at Jack Nicholson’s house on Mulholland Drive. He was photographing Geimer for an edition of French Vogue and one thing led to another, as it often does when you’re hanging out with children. In court, Polanski pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to a 90-day assessment in a loony bin, and stayed for 40 days. On February 1 1978 he legged it to London, then France. He’s been there ever since.

How the hell did he get away with that? The U.S. asked the French to hand him over, they said no. And that’s it, really. But if Polanski ever goes back to America he can be charged. He won’t, obviously, because… why would he?

Is he sorry? In 2008, Geimer said in an interview: “I think he's sorry, I think he knows it was wrong.” And if she can forgive him, we probably all can. Also, his pregnant second wife, Sharon Tate was murdered on August 9 1969 by four members of Charles Manson’s weird hippy family thing. Manson and his crew were jailed. Polanski was sad. So maybe you can excuse him for not thinking straight for a few years. He did bone a kid though, so maybe not.

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