Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 17 March 2011

Book store

Book store

Your local bookstore or book shop is a great place to meet girls. Forget wondering what your latest drunken conquest is actually like – here you can, to turn a phrase, judge a book by their cover. Do you like hard-hitting crime thrillers? Tear-jerking coming-of-ages stories? The Twilight novels? Thanks to the organisation of these hallowed rooms of literature, finding a girl who has the same interests as you couldn’t be easier.

Hayley Quinn's advice for picking up in a bookstore? "To steal a girl's attention from Mr Darcy, you need to approach subtly. Zero points if she jumps when you speak to her." So, no playing hide and seek in the shop, then. Noted.

"Instead, get into her proximity, pretend to be eyeing the same shelf, and after a few seconds start chatting to her about what's in front of you". Handy advice, sure, but what does ZOO's PUA coach Kezia Noble reckon?

"Check out the book section she is browsing in, and use that as a conversation hook in order to approach her. Say she is in the cookery section of the book store - pick up two random cookery books and give her what I call an opinion opener, such as, “can you tell me which cuisine is better - Italian or Japanese? I'm having a dinner party that I’m organising for friends and it's my first time, so can you help me out?”

"This will be far more effective than going up to her and coming across as nosey by asking her what she’s reading or why she’s in that particular section - like most men do - make the topic of conversation about you rather than her to begin with, as this will come across as less intrusive."

So, make sure you're open and talking about yourself. And Kezia stresses to keep the conversation quiet - after all, who wants to draw everyone's attention to you and the lady in your sights?

Hayley agrees: "Be James Bond smooth with your tone of voice, relaxed in your body language - after all, it was just a coincidence you started speaking, right? Don’t alert the shop assistant to your mission."

We've all seen enough James Bond films to pull that off, right? So get off Amazon and head down your nearest book shop to bag yourself a new lady as well as that new soppy romance novel for your mum's birthday present.

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