Can you find a girlfriend on Facebook?

Posted by , 10 May 2011

Can you find a girlfriend on Facebook?



Facebook’s great. You know, as great as something that completely obliterates work productivity and fills your day with a wealth of worthless information can be.

It’s impossible to ignore the staggering reality that, at last count, there are around 600 million people on Facebook. With such a vast collection, it should be pretty easy to meet a decent woman on there. Theoretically, it’s just another nightspot, except with hundreds of millions of women, all of whom you can chat to without having to fork out for drinks.

So, all you should have to do is sit there for hours messaging attractive girls. Eventually, a few will reply. Then you’ll meet up and inevitably get laid on the first date. It sounds simple, but of course there’s a little more to it than that. You can’t go on there with a profile picture that resembles Godzuki and think you’re going to cyber-pull. No, sir.

"Umm, I've noticed you around... I find you very attractive... Umm, would you go to bed with me?"

And then there’s a whole phase of searching and messaging, followed by the reality of the meet up – is this person really who they say they are? Do they even live within 100 miles of you? Isn’t it all just a little bit creepy?

Before wading into the minefield, read this guide. We’ve also acquired the thoughts of a twenty-seven-year-old man called Steven, who has enjoyed success in this field. He is not a creep.

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