Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 17 March 2011

Exercise class

Exercise class

Head to a leisure center or gym and see what exercise classes they put on - a great way to meet girls. Spin classes, squash, take your pick – doing something in a group creates a pack mentality that helps bonding, which is important when it comes to approaching girls. After-class drinks? You betcha. We suggest yoga - a room full of toned bodies sounds ideal. Just watch out for excessive farting.

But be warned - ZOO's Kezia reckons being chatted up mid-workout is akin to some sort of romantic suicide.

"Usually when I do a session down the gym, the last thing I want is to be disturbed by a man. In the gym, women are sweaty, have no make up on and don’t feel the least bit attractive or turned on at that moment."

So when's the best moment to haul yourself of the bike and make your move? Hayley Quinn reckons you should try and catch her gaze mid-session and give her a smile, so she'll instantly recognise you after the session.

Once that's done, it's all up to you and that bit on your face which does the talking, according toe Kezia.

"Once the session has finished. Women usually have a coffee or light snack as a reward at either the gym café or a place next door. By then she would've freshened up and will be in a positive state of mind that we all feel after accomplishing a thorough work out."

"Make a casual remark about how you always need to have a snack after going to gym. She will inevitably say 'me too', and a small but useful connection will be made. You will both instantly recognise that you have something in common, and then you can casually grab your snack or drink and introduce yourself."

But the advice is clear: do not approach your woman mid-workout. Take your time after the class, keep your cool even when you're sweating up when she is in the middle of a work out, regardless of what your tall good-looking fitness instructor mate tells you (the reason he does well is because he is in his element, as he will be high up on the ‘gym’ hierarchy)

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