Megan, 22, Buckinghamshire

Dates Of The Week - Megan

hey! I'm Megan, i'm 22! I'm currently at college studying art and design, and i also do some modelling. I'm looking for a lovely young good looking man to have some fun with! I have recently split up with my boyfriend :( anyway, i hope your what your looking for!!!!!

Fiby, 22, London

Dates Of The Week - Fiby

Im a cool n down to earth person. I like to make people smile when there feeling down well i try to anyway. I am also nice, kind, honest, creative, trustworthy, respectful (to most) lol!!!, bubbly at times and mostly me jus being me...xoxo...i am a fairly intelligent person i got excellent exam results n now im a student, dont treat me like a child, dont come here to insult me either, if u have a problem mail me n wel talk

Florence, 37, Strathclyde

Dates Of The Week - Florence

Hey, I'm Florence .. Hit me up if u wanna ask anything .... ;)

Elise, 28, Leicestershire

Dates Of The Week - Elise

Hello out there! These things are never easy to fill out but I'll start by saying that I'm an outgoing and fun person and like to think I have a good sense of humour. I do have a serious side and am hard working and love my job, work hard/play hard. I'm very honest too which I think is a good thing in a person as nice to know where you stand. I love lots of things but if I had to pick 3 things I couldn't live without it would be my family, friends and music! I prefer to be doing things, going out, being active rather than just loafing in front of the TV (although the odd duvet day or bottle of wine whilst watching a movie doesn't go a miss). I like football, watching it of course, which usually people are surprised about. Lol In terms of sports myself I go running and like to keep fit by going to dance classes and the gym. I'm also a healthy eater as I think it's important to try and eat the right things and love Italian and Spanish food and eating out at nice restaurants. Anyway, think I've covered most general things, anything else you'd like to know just ask!