We send our ad sales man, Luke Jones, online to see if he can overcome his current dry spell by meeting ladies through FHM Single Girls.

As Audley Harrison recently said ‘Yes I can!’. OK this is a bad example of anything you want to be successful at, but what it does show is everyone can do with a little help now and then… enter me, the FHM Single Guy, your guide to the girls, sort of.

Everyone likes a bit of success with ladies - and that’s why I'm trying the online dating at FHM Single Girls. Over the coming weeks I plan to give you a window on the internet pulling world, how the first contacts went, what worked and of course what the actual dating was like.

So, my mission for the morning – register on FHM Single Girls.

Sat at my computer, initial panic takes grip - what’s the perfect profile chat? The best pictures to post? Or even my type of girl? Well fear not, after a bit of thinking (read: chatting to the girls in the office) I’ve think I’ve come up with something that might just help… and all doable in 10 minutes. Start the clock:

The Chat: Before messaging people, make sure you don’t get lazy and fall at the first hurdle. Remember what your mum told you, first impressions count and a five-word profile isn’t gonna cut it. Keep it simple, truthful, funny and somewhere between 50 and 150 words.

The Pictures: Key here is that girls can actually see you! I don’t mean you have to stick to passport photo guidelines, but make sure you’re showing your face. Also, what I found is more than one photo works much better… shows a bit confidence and that you looking good in one wasn't just a fluke!

The Ice-breaker: Once you’ve completed your profile, select your age range and location radius, then type in your opening gambit to send to the hundreds of waiting girls. After that, sit back and watch them queue up!

Oh and one of the main reason’s that pushed me to take the leap of faith was the great deal currently running – join for your first month for £1, using the code FHMSG18. You’re welcome.

Now you’re in a no-lose situation… smooth-looking profile moulded by FHM, access to thousands of real girls and all for a golden coin! Now that’s what we call a knockout – oops, sorry Audley.

Check in next week for more dispatches from the front, from FHM's Single Guy.