How to get more sex, by Russell Brand, Jack Nicholson and erm... Johnny Vegas

Posted by , 26 November 2013

How to get more sex, by Russell Brand, Jack Nicholson and erm... Johnny Vegas


According to a once-a-decade poll of 15,000 British people, we're having sex a hell of a lot less than we used to, due to the stresses of modern life and also the fact that we'd much rather take an iPad to bed than get down to some sexy time.

Which is pretty depressing really, especially when we've got so much other stuff to think about like the worrying state of the economy or the fact that The Voice is still a TV show.

The last thing we should be fretting about is a dwindling sex life. Check out the figures for the last few decades below – it's terrifying.

So, in an effort to perk up your bedroom antics, here's the FHM guide to getting more sex according to the some of the greatest swordsmen of our time.

Get the skinny on sexual proficiency, with our tips from Jack Nicholson, Russell Brand and other celebrity smoothsters.

There is also another way to get more sex and that is on FHM Dating...

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