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Posted by , 29 June 2011

Make her laugh

Make her laugh

Now, we’ve left this tip till last because it is must be approached with caution and delicacy. Many a man - richer, cooler, and more handsome than yourself - has fallen at this hurdle. This one is very obvious, but nonetheless very important: if you want to make a really good impression, you have to make the girl laugh. But not at the expense of the other tips.

That means no jokes. Jokes do not classify as ‘SitRel’. If you open with a one-liner that you heard on Mock the Week, in 99% of cases, the object of your affection will just want to get away from you as quickly as possible before you tell another one. And don’t ask her to 'pull your finger' (save that for the third date).

We’re not asking you to be the Archbishop of Banterbury, but a little light observational comedy never goes amiss. Like you, women want to have fun and they want someone who’s going to make their lives fun - they’re lazy like that. So you have to show her you don’t take things too seriously. Plus, you can use it as a way to suss out if she’s actually got a sense of humour as well.

If your wit is failing you in the heat of the moment, just refer back to the previous comments tip and take the piss out of her snot-coloured nails/massive gobstopper ring/lethal-looking hairpiece. Women’s fashion at the moment makes this an easy option.

So now we’ve armed you with our fool-proof chat-up know-how, go forth and unleash your pulling prowess on the country’s finest. We guarantee you success.*

*Not an actual guarantee.

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