A Man's Guide: How to Buy Lingerie

Posted by , 02 December 2010

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Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the glossary

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: going to extremes

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the basics

Sure it looks pretty, lacey and frilly, but what the hell is it? It's full of weird French words and stuff you'd probably never understand unless we told you. But that's what we're here for, so here's the genius of the FHM lingerie glossary. 


A supportive structure worn around the waist, a corset is designed to make a woman’s midriff appear smaller. Ribbons on the corset are pulled tight and then tied to hold everything in place.


A derivative of the corset, the waspie is a belt worn around the waist to make it appear much smaller.


Shorter in the body than a corset – it reaches only to the ribs – a bustier works like a Wonder Bra by squeezing your lady’s midriff and forcing her cleavage up. Oof!


Named after the traditional dress of the Basque people of Spain and France, who wore close-fitting jackets which came in tightly at the waist, the Basque covers the midriff and provides support for cleavage.

Peephole bra

A bra that allows you to see the wearer’s nipples, either by way of slits or gaps in the fabric.


Like tights but without the ugly asexual crotch bit, hold-ups have an elasticated panel at the top which, unlike stockings, keeps them in place without the need for suspenders.


Knickers, defined by the strip of material that sits in between the buttocks when worn. This prevents a visible knicker line.


A loose-fitting, short dress, also known as a baby doll that is fitted around the breasts. Like a nightie, but better.


A tight fitting, sleeveless top, similar to a crop top.

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