A Man's Guide: How to Buy Lingerie

Posted by , 02 December 2010

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Men's lingerie buyer's guide: where to shop

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the basics

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the girl's view

Never mind what to buy your missus, where do you actually get it? This quick guide gives you the lowdown on the UK's top lingerie suppliers, with price ranges and useful links. 

Coco De Mer

Established in 2001 by Sam Roddick, daughter of the Body Shop founder, Anita, Coco de Mer takes its name from the world’s largest seed, which looks very much like a lady’s bottom.

Best for: The alternative choice. Coco de Mer offers classy but kinky underwear that your girlfriend may not have heard of, meaning you’ll get extra points for knowing your stuff.

Price range: Own-brand bras from £45; knickers from £35.

Contact: coco-de-mer.com

Ann Summers

Founded by Caborn Waterfield, Ann Summers brought sex to the high street, selling everything from lingerie and sex toys to books and DVDs.

Best for: A huge selection of affordable lingerie, outfits and toys. Price range: Bras start at £14 and knickers £6.

Contact: annsummers.com

Rigby & Peller

The only brand on this list with a royal warrant (that’s right, they make pants for the Queen),

Best for: Getting it right. Rigby & Peller pride themselves on the advice they offer to men buying underwear for women. Price range: £30-£150 for a bra; knickers range from £11 to £125.

Contact: rigbyandpeller.com


Damaris make super exclusive lingerie. Its signature Bow knicker is so popular that they’ve had to take numerous other brands to court for copying it.

Best for: Exclusivity. At these prices, there won’t be many other girls wearing Damaris.

Price range: £150 right up to £3,000

Contact: damaris.co.uk

Agent Provocateur

Started by Joe Corre, son of Vivienne Westwood, AP is famous for its fashionable underwear, and ad campaigns featuring the likes of Daisy Lowe and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Best for: Impressing her. A-P has become synonymous with modern, upmarket lingerie. They are to knickers what Jimmy Choo are to shoes.

Price range: Bras range from £55-£85, knickers start at £40.

Contact: agentprovocateur.com


Myla offers classic, high-end lingerie worn by the likes of Nicole Kidman and featured in Sex And The City.

Best for: Elegant, understated underwear.

Price range: Bras start at £59 and knickers £29.

Contact: www.myla.com

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