Can you find a girlfriend on Facebook?

Posted by , 10 May 2011

Messaging and courting

Messaging and courting

Getting a lot of replies for out of the blue messages is unlikely. Unless you are a celebrity, evidently rich or incredibly good with words, you will not get a lot of replies. The best way to do it is to see if you have some genuine common ground – does she display likes you like? Did she go to your school or university? Try not to be completely forward – say you like her profile pic and ask her where she normally hangs out. Barging in there with ‘alright luv fancy meeting up 4 a 3some with my mate dave? Mwah xx’ might be alright if you’re trying to meet one of the characters from Shameless, but we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you have some standards.

If you manage to successfully negotiate a friend request, then you have an extra element in your arsenal – Facebook Chat. Since you’re now ‘friends’, you can message them via this means. It comes as a recommended plan from Stephen:

"If you log onto chat after 8pm, it’s pretty likely that some single women will have had a few glasses of wine and be on their laptop. Just ask them what they’re up to. If they say they’re having a drink, then you can be more forward.”

So where did this lead him?

“One girl that added me was on there quite a lot, and she lived close by. After a couple of chats, not many, she was up for meeting for a drink.”

That’s your way in.

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