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Posted by , 29 June 2011

Normal conversation is good

Normal conversation is good

Although it might sound ridiculously contrived and transparent, if you’re really struggling, you can always ask her an everyday question that you would ask any passer-by - even if they didn’t have an amazing rack. Y'know, questions like "What’s the time?" or "Where’s so-and-so?" or "Will you take off your bra, please?"

Okay, so maybe not the last one, but generally any question will do as long as it’s relevant to where you are - see the previous ‘SitRel’ point.

This is also one of the only ways you can talk to a woman without her instantly jumping to the conclusion that you are plotting a night of sordid debauchery with her – which, of course, you are. Unless she’s really hot or really arrogant, she will innocently believe that you honestly need to know what time the library shuts, and that she just happens to be the nearest person available. Hey presto, her guard is down, the pressure is off and you can pretend you never said "hey presto".

Obviously, this tactic has its drawbacks because there is every chance that she will just answer you politely and walk off - so it’s best executed when you are both seated somewhere, like in a café or on the bus. That way she can’t escape and you’ve paved the way to ask more questions - so long as she seems open and friendly and doesn’t look at you like you’re an axe-wielding psychopath/you have food all over your face. Some women can’t help this look – it just comes to their faces naturally as soon as any strange man starts talking to them.

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