Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 18 March 2011

Online dating

Online dating

Does the thought of meeting girls on internet dating websites appeal to you? Probably not - online dating carries a stigma among most men, but don’t let it put you off. Signing up to a dating website is a completely different way of meeting girls, and you have to approach it a little differently. When making an online dating profile, it’s important you stand out, since you’re on there with thousands and thousands of other people. And the more you say about yourself, the easier it is to find someone you’ll get on with. Maybe leave out the fact you’re scared of spiders.

But what should you say and do? ZOO's top sex advice expert Kezia Noble's advice is simple.

"Make sure your online photo is of you doing something outdoors or out and about, rather than a photo taken at your computer - that'll only make her think you have no life and sit in front of your computer way too much."

Okay, webcam snap binned. What next?

"Avoid focusing too much on your achievements and hobbies, but instead write more expressively about how you feel about your achievements - use words that will anchor her emotions to what she is reading about you. Women respond far better to men's feelings and emotions."

So, that's the profile sorted out. But what do you do when you get a honey in your sights that you simply have to message? Hayley has the answer...

"The best way to do this is make it personal - ‘Hey how are you?’ or a ‘What’s your IM?’ does nothing to set apart your wheat from the chaff. Tell her exactly what it was about her profile that you liked - try not to say boobs - and tell her a bit about yourself, in case she can’t be bothered to read your page."

"Internet dating can be a bit of a lottery - but be an active player and you could wind up with the jackpot of a super hot babe who you’d never be able to pull in Tiger Tiger."

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