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Posted by , 29 June 2011

Smile, space, slip away...

Smile, space, slip away...

No matter what you say, you must smile. We know you’ve been perfecting a broody stare for years, and that James Bond doesn’t approach girls with a massive grin on his face, but it makes women feel instantly comfortable if you smile at them. And it makes you look happy and relaxed, even if you’re feeling like everyone in the immediate vicinity is watching you and willing you to fall flat on your stupid grinning mug (which most of the other men around probably are).

It’s also a good idea to engage in a bit of conversational foreplay by making eye contact and smiling at her before you go in for the kill. That way she’s got a bit of warning. Be careful not to stare, though, especially below the neckline. Just a quick glance and dashing smile will do.

While we’re on the subject of body language, don’t be a space-rapist. Forget what all those body-language gurus say about turning your limbs toward her and leaning in and all that. Pretty ladies are cocky creatures. So, if you’re talking to her, she will assume you’re interested - you don’t need to make that any more obvious.

It’s also a good idea to make it look like you are always on the verge of leaving so they don’t feel cornered. Most girls will be planning an exit strategy in their heads from the minute you open your mouth, regardless of whether you’re a sweaty, overweight bricklayer or a male model with a Rolex.

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