Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 17 March 2011

Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places


It should be straightforward, but sometimes meeting women on a night out can be a bit daunting. It looks so easy on TV and in films, but there’s a minefield of social etiquette to tread ever-so-lightly across. How do you meet a girl in an age where Facebook poking has its own rules, where Dutch courage inevitably leads to sloppy judgement (and a sore head) and when chat up lines are a love-hate thing?

We think the worst mistake men make when they’re figuring out how to approach girls is that they pick the worst places to do so. Do you ever wonder how to flirt with women or ask a girl for her number if you’re in a dark, noisy nightclub?

Chatting to girls while you’re commuting to work is also a definite no-go. Nobody’s in the mood to give their phone number out when they’re twenty minutes late and the prospect of redundancy looms.

So we’ve compiled a guide of the best places for chatting to women to help steer you towards a happier life without hangovers of the heart. You might visit these places often (especially number four, we would hope), but in the wrong frame of mind.

Read our tips and you’ll learn the best places to meet girls, how to approach girls, how to flirt with them and who knows, you might just walk away with a girl’s phone number. And as if you needed any extra help, we've signed up dating and seduction coach Hayley Quinn as well as ZOO's agony aunt and PUA coach Kezia to give their expert advice on how you'd snap up the girl of your dreams.

Obviously we here at FHM are not responsible if you’re still single in a year’s time, but if you take our advice to heart, that won’t happen. Hopefully.

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