Can you find a girlfriend on Facebook?

Posted by , 10 May 2011

The Group Approach

The Group Approach

There are plenty of groups out there claiming to be the answer to a desperate man’s prayers. Just type in ‘sex in London’ in the Facebook search bar and see what happens. If you have to request to join a group, then it’s more likely to be legitimate, but the chances are that it’s either inactive or completely phoney. That said, if any women are listed in such groups, then it’s more likely that they’re looking for a no-strings hookup – if their profile is legitimate.

Be warned, taking this approach is risky. If you do get responses, chat to them first and make sure they are who they say they are. They could be a time waster, or worse – a scammer. Simply put, you’re more likely to find non-complicated success with FHM No Strings Attached, our ‘casual relationships’ dating service.

Also, there are plenty of groups in which you can start a conversation based on a common interest, and that doesn’t have to mean your mutual love of sex parties. Do you like gaming but can’t find a girl in a bar that does? Join a discussion on a gaming page or group and see if any women are joining in. Fire off some messages. If they respond, take it onto a private message. Bear in mind they might live quite a long way away. Try and keep it local, or prepare to rack up the airmiles.

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