Can you find a girlfriend on Facebook?

Posted by , 10 May 2011

The Search Approach

The Search Approach

First of all, head HERE.

Now you’ve got the option of filtering by location. You can filter by any location, but the chances are if you live in Devon, you’re not going to meet up with someone from Scotland, or worse still, America. Type in your town and filter the results. Now you’ve got loads of results it’s time to see who you like – click on profiles you like and message them. If they show information that shows them being Married or In a Relationship then you can pretty much forget it. If they show nothing, it’s a bit tricky – only message them if you really like the look of them. 

As an alternative to messaging, and perhaps a more subtle way to go about your business, you could simply friend request the girls in question. If they deny you, then don’t follow up. If they accept you, then you can message them, or better still they might message you first. According to Steven, 27, who managed to get laid through the techniques laid down by this guide, most girls he added rejected him. Still, he learnt that aiming for older women and not being too forward initially was a strategy that bore more fruit – hello, cougar town.

Some would reply along the lines of “Do I know you?” to which he would reply:

“No, but I saw your profile and you looked hot. It also said you were single so I thought I'd give it a try. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t think Facebook would be the place to hook up with women, but there’s not much to lose, right?”

If they respond again, then it’s all about the courting phase.

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